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Flat Fees for Intellectual Property Services | Hyra IP


Hyra IP: Fees

Hyra IP has a simple philosophy when it comes to fees. Flat fees. Low fees. No extras.

Flat Fees

Flat fees give you the ability to budget in advance for your intellectual property expenses.  You will be quoted one rate up front for all the work you want done and that is the rate you will pay.  And all the fees are publicly displayed right here on this website for review and download.

Low Fees

At Hyra IP, the first priority is providing the highest level of quality and service to my clients.  I offer personalized guidance through every step of the legal process and  uncompromising results-oriented representation.

But the next priority is affordability. Entrepreneurs, inventors, small corporations – those stakeholders who make up our communities – need affordable legal services.  I take seriously my responsibility to provide them, and make every effort to maintain my fees at an affordable level without compromising quality or service. Hyra IP’s fees are highly competitive nationally and internationally and compare favorably with other reputable intellectual property attorneys.

No Extras

No extras means you will not be billed for office supplies, copying, long distance, emails, or short phone calls.  You will have no difficulty deciphering your bill or trying to figure out if the number of copies or amount of postage were justified.

We are currently reworking the way the fees are displayed and therefore the full list of fees is unavailable on the website at this time. However, all fees are available upfront to Hyra IP clients and prospective clients. Please contact us at 1-866-913-3499 or to discuss the pricing for your particular intellectual property needs.